Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some Thoughts on the 2012 Election

Like many Americans I watched the election returns on Tuesday with great hope our country would see a positive change.  By 7:30 I began to detect such change would not be occurring. When North Carolina and Virginia were not quickly called for Governor Romney, I began to see the handwriting on the wall. The only words I remember saying to my wife as we watched the story unfold was "What are these people thinking?" After four horrible years under President Obama, the American people were electing him to another four years. That, to me, was unbelievable.

When the President was projected as the winner, I was amazingly calm. I recall in 2008 being greatly disturbed over his win. His published views convinced me at the time that great harm was about to come upon our nation. Certainly that is the case: continual high unemployment, foreclosures, drastically increasing national debt, passing of government health insurance, acceptance of gay marriage, reductions in defense, printing money over and over again, and so forth. Yes, I was concerned and my fears were realized with President Obama's first term.

But on Tuesday I did not react the same way. I basically got up and went to bed. Yesterday, apart from a couple of comments on the election via social media, I went about my day pretty much as normal.

Now, a day out from the election, I thought I would jot down some of my thoughts and possibly explain, at least to myself, my present attitude.

1. On Tuesday, God's eternal plan, his secret will for our country, was once again revealed in the election of President Obama. From eternity God had so decided this would be the outcome. He has installed this man to be our leader for another four years.

"Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God." (Romans 13:1)

2. God's will was accomplished through the votes of millions of Americans (over 60 million voted for the President) especially in key electoral states. Americans exercised their free choice and the man they chose was God's choice all along. Oh the wonder of God's predestination and man's freedom of choice!

3. For four years the President's administration has clearly demonstrated they govern using principles which are antithetical to the Bible. In other words, they govern in opposition to the ways of God. Almost every principle they support is opposed by the Word of God. In other words, the President and those who share his views govern from a position of evil (if its opposed to God's revealed will what else can we call it?).

4. So why would the eternal, predetermined plan of Almighty God include the 2012 reelection of a man who governs as an evil governor? Since I am not God I can not fully answer that statement. However, let me offer up at least two possible reasons why:

(1) God is continuing to judge our nation. We, as a people, were founded as a Christian nation but we have greatly strayed from our faith. Even many of those who call themselves Christian today give no indication in their personal lives that they know Christ or have been regenerated. The worldviews and philosophies of many in our land, including self-professed Christians, are positions in opposition to God's Word. We have replaced the love of God with the love of  "things" and those "things" come in many forms: money, fame, influence, entertainment, sports, luxuries, "freedom to live as I want", etc. God will not permit any nation to continue their pursuit of idolatry without judgment. God is judging our nation.

(2) There has been no true repentance on the part of Americans. President Obama was first elected four years ago. The American people have seen his principles in action. He promotes abortion. He promotes sodomy. He promotes gay marriage. He promotes illegal immigration. He promotes increased national debt at unthinkable levels. And yet, their minds are so darkened and far from God, that, when given an opportunity to replace our President in an election, over half the country picks him again. That is a clear indication there is no repentance among our people.

5. I believe America has turned from God and embraced the ways of man. In response, God is bringing judgment, slow judgment. For years we have watched the continual decay of our nation yet we do not repent. Now we have a leader who not only opposes many of our traditional practices but also opposes God's revealed will. Look at the rapidly increasing moral decay in our country. Two states legalized marijuana on Tuesday. Two others legalized gay marriage. States voted to spend more money when they don't have it. And over 60 million Americans voted to reelect the same man who has governed over the most rapid decay our country has ever witnessed.

6. Is there still hope for our country? Personally, I thought a Governor Romney victory on Tuesday would have provided a slight opportunity to halt the downfall and begin a turnaround. The victory of President Obama, though, casts doubt in my own heart that our nation will ever again be what it once was. We may have gone past the point of no return. I am somewhat older and have enjoyed living most of my life in a great nation. So, personally, I am not overly concerned.

But my children, my grandchildren, and my future descendants will likely live in an America that is inferior, socialistic, and ungodly. That thought breaks my heart.

7. God, however, may still have another plan for our nation. Judgment is here but, as I noted, it has been slow.   Perhaps the eyes of those who are truly Christian will be opened and they will begin calling upon the Lord for mercy and grace. We, the followers of Jesus, can plead with Him for another opportunity in America. Let us cry out to God for a revival throughout our land. The only true way for this country to turn around is through revival. Souls turned to Jesus and devoted to following His Word will bring positive change to America!

8. Therefore, let us seek revival in America. Let's beseech God to pour out His Spirit upon each of us. Let us be faithful in what God has revealed for us to do: pray, give, worship, study, serve, live, and proclaim the wonderful Gospel of His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.