Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Attorney General Eric Holder

The Attorney General of the United States has resigned and is leaving office.  The Honorable Eric Holder is ending his service as the chief lawyer of our nation.  Personally, all I can say is "Praise the Lord and may CHRIST reign forever!

In reflecting back over his years in this position, I can not recall even one action taken by Mr. Holder that I supported or believed was in the best interests of our great nation.  In my opinion, he is the lowest ranking Attrney General in our country's history.

In his exit interview, Mr. Holder said his critics may be partly driven by race.  I guess that means my low opinion of this man will be viewed by many as racist.  Well, I know my heart and I am not a racist.  My thoughts on his "reign" as Attorney General has NOTHING to do with his skin color or his ancestry.  The man was an absolute joke of an Attorney General.

In the same interview Mr. Holder was asked what book he would recommend young men coming to Washington, D.C. read.  Of all the wonderful books which have been written and published over the centuries which one did this man recommend?  "The Autobiography of Malcolm X".  Does Mr. Holder even know who Malcolm X was?!  Let me quote from the web site:

Born on May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska, Malcolm X was a prominent black nationalist leader who served as a spokesman for the Nation of Islam during the 1950s and '60s. Due largely to his efforts, the Nation of Islam grew from a mere 400 members at the time he was released from prison in 1952 to 40,000 members by 1960. Articulate, passionate and a naturally gifted and inspirational orator, Malcolm X exhorted blacks to cast off the shackles of racism "by any means necessary," including violence. (
To me that recommendation speaks volumes about the character and practices of our Attorney General.  Would not a work on Washington, Lincoln, or Dr. Martin Luther King be much more valuable reading than Malcolm X?  How about the Bible itself as a recommended work?  There are thousands of books of FAR greater value and which would contribute infinitely more worth to a young reader than a book on the life of this 1960s radical.

No wonder our judicial system has taken such a massive hit during his tenure.  From "Fast and Furious", "the IRS Scandal" to his remarks on the Martin and Brown events, I will, for the rest of my life, cionsider Eric Holder as the most disgraceful Attorney General our country has ever seen.

I pray to God no one worse is ever nominated or approved for that position!

OK, I'm done.  Throw your stones.  Prove to me why I am wrong and Eric Holder is such a great servant of our nation.

P.S.  I also read that President Obama wept at Mr. Holder's exit.  I believe such behavior says something about our President's character as well.