Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spurgeon on Christian Compromise

"It may be that some of you professedly Christian people have been living at a distance from God. You have not led the separated life. You have tried to be friendly with the world as well as with Christ--and your children are not growing up as you wish they would. You say that your sons are not turning out well and that your girls are dressy, flighty and worldly. do you wonder that it is so?

"'Oh,' you say, 'I have gone a good way to try to please them, thinking that, perhaps, by doing so, I might win them for Christ!' Ah, you will never win any soul to the right by a compromise with the wrong! It is decision for Christ and His Truth that has the greatest power in the family and the world, too. If a soldier in the barracks is converted and he says, 'I mean to be a Christian, but, at the same time, I will join with the other men as much as I can. I will sometimes step into the tavern with them,' and so forth, he will do no good. But the moment he boldly takes his stand for his new Captain and is known to be a Christian--his comrades may begin to scoff at him, but they will also begin to be impressed--and if he bravely maintains that stand and never gives way in the least degree, but is faithful to his Lord and Master, then he will be likely to see conversions among his fellow sholdiers."

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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