Monday, March 7, 2011

"How to Study the Bible": A Book Report

I read this brief book (144 pages) by Pastor John MacArthur to help believers in studying their Bible in only a few hours.  Typical of any MacArthur work, it is well written, easy to read, and full of good information.  The only complaint I have with the work is the title.  "How" to study the Bible is not the exclusive content of the book, in fact, the book title is also one of the four chapter titles, occupying a mere 36 pages of the entire book.  So, if you pick up this book expecting to receive 144 pages describing how to study the Bible, you will be disappointed.

The other three chapters lay the foundation for studying Scripture.  They discuss the nature of Scripture, the importance of Scripture, and the use of Scripture in one's life.  Also, there is a chapter which explains who can study the Bible.  All of this is good information but really does not contribute much to the discussion on "HOW" to study the Bible.

Nevertheless, it is a MacArthur work and it is well done.  I would recommend the book to anyone wanting more information on the nature and use of the Scripture.

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