Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Time with God for Fathers": A Book Review

This work is a small volume (102 pages) by Jack Countryman.  The book contains 90 one page devotions addressed to fathers based on specific Biblical texts.  Each page gives the title of the devotion, the Scripture reference (primarily New King James Version), and a one paragraph exposition/application for fathers.  Here are a couple of samples:

Under the title "Father, Help Me to be Patient", based on Romans 15:3-5, the author writes,

"Patience has been defined as learning to accept difficult situations without giving God a deadline for their removal.  We know we need patience, but we generally shun the process by which we learn it.  We want it now!"

For a devotion entitled "Children are a Joy from the Lord", using Matthew 5:13-16 as a text, Mr. Countryman writes,

"Christ wants you to take seriously your role as a father.  As "salt", your behavior is to be distinctly different from those who do not know God, and it must not reflect the same kind of behavior that corrupts a godless culture.  Do your children see that you are burning with the light of heaven?"

These examples illustrate the content of the work.  I find the devotions quite brief and not very challenging.  Perhaps if the author would have spent more time with the associated Scriptures I would have found more value in the work.  As a devotional guide, there are others (e.g., "Morning and Evening" by Spurgeon) of much greater insight and value.

Following the devotions, the author has included some reference pages (each one page in length except for the last one.:

  • God Listens To A Father's Prayer When ...
  • God's Promises For Fathers
  • God's Blessings For Fathers With ...
  • Responsibilities Of Fatherhood To ...
  • God's Dynamic Example Of Fathers
  • Crisis Scripture Guide

If you have money and would like to purchase a devotional work, I recommend you skip this one and look elsewhere. 

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