Wednesday, January 31, 2018

MOON "Shines"

If you were awake early this morning as I was, you had the opportunity to see a rare stellar event not witnessed since the mid-19th century (1866, I believe).  Our sky displayed a super blue blood moon. Indeed, it was quite an interesting sight to behold.

While I am not an astronomer, I have always enjoyed reading about space. My knowledge on the subject, therefore, is limited and I am open to any corrections concerning my analysis.

From what I remember, the adjective “super” refers to the fact that the moon was at its closest proximity to the earth this morning.  As a result, it appeared to be larger and brighter than usual. Super moons occur every couple of years or so.

A “blue” moon implies the second full moon in a month. Since childhood, I have used the phrase “once in a blue moon” to refer to something that is unlikely or rare. However, blue moons occur almost every year. I read somewhere we will have another one in March of this year.

A “blood” moon describes the reddish color of the moon during a lunar eclipse.  The earth moves between the sun and the moon, the satellite changes color, and, in a total lunar eclipse, briefly disappears. Lunar eclipses also occur on a somewhat regular basis.

What was unique this morning was the occurrence of all three types of moons at the same moment. It is a unique experience. I’m glad I witnessed it.

While watching this rare display, my thoughts turned to the God of the super blue blood moon, it’s Creator. I don’t remember any Scripture mentioning a super moon, a blue moon, or even a lunar eclipse. Nevertheless, I was reminded of a passage of Scripture as I stared into the heavens.

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come.

The Apostle Peter spoke those words in his Pentecost sermon following the resurrection and ascension of our Lord. As those Biblical students who read this know, he is quoting from the Old Testament prophet, Joel. But, there it is: a blood moon!

Does Joel and Peter mean there will be a lunar eclipse at the time of Christ’s return? Personally, I believe God will perform a more miraculous sign to turn the moon into the color of blood. Yet, if He chooses to use a natural occurrence such as an eclipse, may He be praised! He is the King and Sovereign and may do as He pleases.

However, as I gazed at the super blue blood moon this morning and reflected on this verse, the word that leaped to my mind was the word “before”. The great and notable day of the Lord IS coming! He has promised to return. He WILL return. And, before He does, the moon will be turned into blood.

Praise God and come, Lord Jesus, come!

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