Sunday, December 16, 2018

Christmas Truly Means - Christmas 2018

Thanksgiving is past, December is here.
 The weather is cold, and Christmas is near.
Excitement will grow as the days roll by,
 Energetic kids from a sugar high!

The shoppers racing from that store to this,
 Seeking perfect gifts; no bargains they miss.
The music blares out, all hours of the day,
 Holiday singing is what they do play.

Decorations up, snow adds to the fun.
 The cards are all sent, thank goodness that’s done!
But, what have we learned, from all of this stuff?
 How to become mad and get in a huff?

Why do we permit, these yearly routines,
 To obscure Christmas, what it truly means?
Instead of presents, dwell upon God’s gift
 Our depressed spirits only He can lift.

Our judgment coming, He alone can free
 Providing ransom upon Calvary.
And, for that alone, each of us can say,
 We are so grateful, to have such a day.

Christmas truly means, our Savior is born
 And, so, when we rise, on that blessed morn,
Look past the gifts and tree and all the fun
 To see Lord Jesus, God’s begotten Son.

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