Thursday, September 5, 2019

Nahum: A Prophet of Doom (Nahum 1:11) - Worthless Counselors

11 From you came one
    who plotted evil against the Lord,
    a worthless counselor.

Can there be anything worse than a “worthless counselor”? Something you are have seen or heard or experienced has greatly disturbed you. Why has this happened? What should I do? How do I handle it? You need some help, some guidance.

So, you find someone who professes to be a counselor to assist you in sorting out these disturbances in your life. However, your advisor leads you down the wrong path. He gives you a bad interpretation of your situation. You gladly accept his counsel only to find out (much later!), his advice has only created more turmoil for your life. Now, you are worse off than you were.

What a horrible thought! Yet, this happens all the time in our society. People are confused and/or disturbed. They are running to their relatives, friends, government officials, or therapists for help. But, what they receive does nothing to resolve their problems. In fact, their counsel only makes things worse.

Perhaps something similar happened in Nineveh. Destruction is coming, cries the prophet of God. What do we do? How should we live? Some “wicked advisor” (perhaps the king?) appears and offers counsel. However, his counsel is against God’s counsel. His advice is merely an evil rebellion of God’s advice.

Being quite literal, the translation of this one verse would read something like this: “From you one comes out thinking against YAHWEH evil, one advising wickedness.”

Is this not our society today?

“I’m single and pregnant. What should I do?” Our “counselors” tell us “Get an abortion”.

“I’m a woman who loves another woman. What should I do?” “Accept your sexuality. Enjoy your partner. If possible, get married.”

“My parents want me to go to church. But the church is full of hypocrites. What should I do?” “Your parents are from another time and just don’t understand. If you want to hear a preacher, just turn on the TV and listen from home.”

“I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body. What should I do?” “Take any and all steps you need to take in order to live your life as you wish to live it.”

“I’m so bored and depressed with life. I’m useless. What do I do?” “Here are some pills that will help you cope.”

“I’m in love with a woman who is not my wife. What should I do?” “Divorce your present wife so your life can be happy living with your new love.”

On and on it goes in twenty-first century America. Counselors are everywhere offering advice that contradicts the counsel of God. Anyone who offers such counsel is plotting evil against the one true God. They are a worthless counselor.

Have you pursued the wicked counsel of such counselors? Are you listening to society’s advice instead of God’s? The Word of the Lord provides us with the wisdom and guidance we need to live this life. Why seek advice from those who oppose the Lord? Where is the wisdom in such behavior?

God has revealed that each of us is a sinner. We stand condemned in our rebellion against God. Judgment is coming upon us as it did upon Nineveh. We cannot escape that judgment. Heeding the counsel of the wicked will not alter that fact.

But Jesus Christ can change your future! Repent of your sins (turn from them) and trust Jesus and you will be spared from future judgment. Study God’s Word and strive to live your life daily for Christ. God has the solutions for our problems.

And leave the godless counselors behind.

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