Friday, July 2, 2010

And the Hate Goes On ...

Yesterday I received another e-mail from the author I mentioned in my previous post.  They were very upset that I published that e-mail since it was written privately to me.  I don't believe I did another wrong by publishing the portions I did since I removed everything which might identify the author.  Furthermore, in my blog post I used that e-mail as a means of an example of the hatred we are seeing in our nation.  There was nothing in the original e-mail requesting me not to publish any portions of it.

In the latest two e-mails from this individual, there are paragraphs which read like one of those blurbs you hear when you  listen to sports broadcasts:  "The events and transcriptions...without express written consent."  When it comes to e-mails I'm not sure that holds any legal grounds or not.  Nevertheless, the author request I not share THEIR words so I won't.

Rather, I will share MY reply to this author.  I responded by returning the author's note with my comments following various remarks they had made.  Each bullet which follows contains MY reply on a specific section of the original e-mail.  Those parts of my reply which may have identified the author have been replaced by "%%%".  Also, my final paragraph is short two sentences (noted by "...") to protect the author's identity.

  • Your anonymity is intact. No one knows the author of the e-mail other than me. I'm sure you don't want others to know who wrote it and I will never tell.
  • would you delineate what my demons are?
  • again, what is my skewed vision? Is it a belief in God? Is it a belief in absolute truth?
  • if you read my blog post you know I shared PARTS to protect your identity and I shared the rest to provide an example to my readers of the type of anomisity in this country.
  • I am glad you can dump your anger on me rather than someone else. So my God is not your god. Do you have "a god"? What does "he" believe and teach?
  • You really don't know me, do you? Read your own words. Talk about an unhappy person.
  • Who else are you including, %%%?
  • What type of help should I seek? Do you have the answers, %%%?
  • %%%, I truly believe you need to read the words you have written in these past e-mails. The anger and hatred is coming from you, not me. I am not mad or angry with you. In fact, I feel very sorry and concerned for you. Your outward smile and demeanor is hiding a TON of bitterness and anger and perhaps a good helping of pride. You really do not know me at all.
  • so you are saying I am part of a larger group of "haters of the world". What makes one a part of this group? 
  • ministers don't understand the human brain and psyche, I guess
  • "I am the way, THE TRUTH, and the Life" said Jesus in John 14:6. I know where the truth is. "Psychiatric professional". Are you saying ministers who believe and teach as I do are crazy and have mental problems? Do you believe those who teach in the power of a resurrected Savior are out of their minds? IF so, %%%, I truly, truly pity you. The greatest blessing in my life occurred on the day I met my Lord and Savior. 
  • I am enjoying life immensely, thanks for asking. I don't hate despite what you say. Sometimes people are pitted against one another when worldviews clash. And would you provide examples of where I have spread filth?
  • Are you referring to mental health, physical health, or both? %%%, you need to be concerned for your soul. "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (Matthew 16:26).
  • should I read fat and lazy at this point? 
  • I am very glad, %%%, you keep yourself in great physical shape. That is a quality worthy of repetition. I admit I have never been in great physical shape. I watch what I eat but do eat items I shouldn't from time to time. I do walk 2-3 miles 3 or 4 times a week but maybe I should do more for my physical being. BUT, %%%, no matter how well you take care of your body, one day IT WILL DIE! Then what? Are you taking as good a care of your soul? Based on what you have written I will say no. I guess it is ok for you to lecture me on my health (physical and mental) but off limits for me to "lecture" you on the condition of your soul. Now I understand the ground rules.
  • What advice can I give to you? All I have is the advice of the Bible: Repent of your sins today and trust Christ for salvation. 
  • I am not ashamed of what I have written. You may forward my responses to anyone you wish. But obviously, you want no one to know the anger and hatred you have in your heart and the lost condition of your soul. As I said above, NO ONE, not even Debbie, knows who wrote the e-mail. I went to great care in my post to remove all traces of its authorship. When Debbie read the e-mails, she read the edited version I ultimately posted, not your original. Actually, by removing those parts of the e-mail which might identify you, I removed some of the hatred and anger you poured out on me in the original post. I will NEVER tell anyone who wrote those e-mails because I would not want to embarrass you by doing so.
  • "Horrible family". Wow! So the hatred goes beyond me. Does it include %%%? Probably, since %%% has a faith in God. How about %%%? … %%%, you have always had the great smile and love of life. Now I realize that outward appearance is actually covering a very bitter, angry, and lost soul. I will pray for you for there is nothing else I can do.
I believe I can summarize by saying I was charged with demons, being overweight and out of shape (guilty), spreading hate, needing professional help with my mental state, and hating life (hey, let's all sing:  "I like life.  Life likes me...").  The implication is that many of these are common problems for those of us who preach the Gospel (perhaps those who simply believe the Gospel).  Oh, and in my case, the problem goes beyond me to my extended family.

You will see in my response numerous questions, some of which I truly hoped I would receive an answer.  Nope. No answer.  I did receive another e-mail (again with the paragraph telling me I can't quote any of it) but this e-mail indicated the author didn't bother to read my response and had no intentions of continuing our communication exchanges.  The note ended reminding me that this author of hate was put on this earth to bring peace.  What a shame it is when someone becomes so bitter they will not even read a note written specifically for them.

I will continue to pray for their soul because it contains a wealth of anger, hatred, and bitterness, especially directed towards those who believe in God and minister in His name.  Furthermore, I will pray for the great number of other individuals in our country who have the same hatred in their hearts.  May God forgive them and remove their bitterness through the power of His Son.

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