Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A General Statement on Comments to this BLOG

Originally I permitted anyone's comments to this blog at any time.  But, after some comments using very foul language were posted, I decided I needed to moderate all such requests.  So, when you try to comment on any article on this post, I receive the comment first in my e-mail and then decide whether to permit or prohibit it from being posted.

I have no issues posting comments which disagree with anything I am saying.  But I will NOT post comments which contain profane language or blasphemes my Lord.  You can take your vile words elsewhere.

I also will NOT post comments which I can not read.  Repeatedly I have had "anonymous" bloggers attempt to comment in Asian languages.  I speak English and all posts to this blog will be in English.  If you do not like that, go to some other blog.  If I can't read every word of your comment, I will not post it.  Actually, I believe many of these posts contain spam or a virus, another reason I will not post.

It's my blog and those are my rules.  If you don't like them, start your own blog.

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